The Team

Successful online businesses need strategists, architects, analysts, designers, developers, copywriters, editors, marketers, evangelists, managers and operators. Some members of our 20+ team are one of these, others are many.

Richard Atkins Richard Atkins

Richard Atkins

Managing Director

Richard is a result-driven analyst and strategist. He uses his analytical and critical skills to ensure that the most beneficial goals are being targeted and that implementation is in harmony with strategy. He brings thought and decision leadership to both Nevado and its clients as well as specialist advice in business performance measurement and search engine marketing.

Bachelor of Business Science (Information Systems), University of Cape Town (1998); Postgraduate Diploma in Law, College of Law (2004); Barrister, Middle Temple (2006)

Andy Wood Andy Wood

Andy Wood

Strategy Director

Andy helps to define and develop strategy to meet business objectives and opportunities, and to translate that strategy into achievable technical solutions. Equally comfortable in both design and technical architecture, he is better known as The General from SuperBru, the sports gaming site he began as a hobby and which went on to become one of Nevado's key ventures.

Bachelor of Business Science (Information Systems), University of Cape Town (1998)

Craig Turner Craig Turner

Craig Turner

Technology Director

Craig is a pragmatic implementation expert, always ensuring that project needs are broken into their realistic components solvable by realistic and practical technical solutions. He is the force behind many of our implementations, leading technical teams on long-term projects and ensuring that clients' needs are met.

Bachelor of Commerce, University of KwaZulu-Natal (1997); Bachelor of Commerce Honours (Information Systems), University of Cape Town (1998)

"I like timesheets!"

James Scully

James Scully

Operations Director

James is the world's most practical designer, valuing usability and effectiveness as highly as creative flair and continuously keeping an eye on technical and other implementation realities. As well as directing our creative efforts, James lends his natural organisational drive to Nevado's business operations to many of our projects as an account manager.

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Graphic Design, Bath Spa University (2000); Winner of the Royal Society of Arts Interactive Media Award in his final year

Commercial & Operations

Content & Marketing

User Experience & Production

Technical & Development

All Specialisms

Alastair Mackinlay Alastair Mackinlay

Alastair Mackinlay

Systems Administrator

Charel Kerschbaumer Charel Kerschbaumer

Charel Kerschbaumer

Analyst Developer

Connor Cairns Connor Cairns

Connor Cairns

Analyst Developer

Daniel Aroesti Daniel Aroesti

Daniel Aroesti

Content & Marketing

Dawid Kerschbaumer Dawid Kerschbaumer

Dawid Kerschbaumer

Community Manager

Duje Bavcevic Duje Bavcevic

Duje Bavcevic

Analyst Developer

Fiona Powers Fiona Powers

Fiona Powers


Harpreet Singh Harpreet Singh

Harpreet Singh

Analyst Developer

Jack Barton Jack Barton

Jack Barton

Operations & Media Manager

Jake Walters Jake Walters

Jake Walters

Analyst Developer

James Hutchinson James Hutchinson

James Hutchison

Account & Client Services Manager

Joshua Olufemi Joshua Olufemi

Joshua Olufemi

QA Test Analyst

Kath Hamilton Kath Hamilton

Kath Hamilton

Operations & Finance

Kevin Thomas Kevin Thomas

Kevin Thomas

Content & Marketing

Kirsten Pennington Kirsten Pennington

Kirsten Pennington

Business Analyst

Kitty McCarron Kitty McCarron

Kitty McCarron

Editor & Copywriter

Louise Santa Ana Louise Santa Ana

Louise Santa Ana

Editor & Copywriter

Matt Williams Matt Williams

Matt Williams

Interactive Designer

Nichola Pennington Nichola Pennington

Nichola Pennington

Analyst Developer

Nicci Harding Nicci Harding

Nicci Harding

Paid Marketing Manager

Phil West Phil West

Phil West

Analyst Developer

Ratnesh Jha Ratnesh Jha

Ratnesh Jha

Analyst Developer

Saadiqah Gardner Saadiqah Gardner

Saadiqah Gardner

Content & Marketing

Scarlet Fleetwood Scarlet Fleetwood

Scarlet Fleetwood

Marketing Manager

Tess A'Lee Tess A'Lee

Tess A'Lee

QA Test Lead

Tor Easton Tor Easton

Tor Easton


Wendy Fynn Wendy Fynn

Wendy Fynn

Website Production Manager

Will Atkins Will Atkins

Will Atkins

Development Team Lead

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